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What Is This Article About?

This article takes you to 1 Floor, District 5, China Commodity Market, by Goldenshiny, the top China Wholesale Agent in Yiwu Commodity city. Furthermore, you could also check what products are 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor in our blog.

In conclusion, you will know basic info for 1st floor in district 5.

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About China Commodity Market

Over the years, Yiwu China Commodity Market has become a new destination for worldwide traders due to comprehensive policy reforms by the local Yiwu officials to transform the city into an international trading hub. With production bases around Yiwu city, Yiwu Commodity City established to enable trade activities within and outside of China, forthermore, a host of facilities implemented, for example, Customs office, international logistics center, port, international airport, and China Wholesale Agent . To sum up, Yiwu has lot support from the local and central government.

Above all, Yiwu Commodity City has attracted worldwide and domestic buyers. For example, foreign buying office, wholesalers, sourcing companies and China Wholesale Agents. Therefore, the presence of all traders in the ‘world’s largest commodities city’ has connected trade networks around the world. Even though they have trade connections with their home countries while in China, but, the traders in Yiwu Commodity city also have trade ties in Africa, Europe, the United States and Asia.

Yiwu Wholesale Agent - China Commodity Market

What products on 1st floor?

The main products on 1st floor District 5 in China Commodity Market are heath care products, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats. And, other imported goods, for example, jewelry, textile & others, food liquor, clothing & household articles. ICM-garments/daily consumable products, African products exhibition & trade center, other imported products, ICM-Ornaments/crafts, ICM-Foods/heathy products.

For the start, 1st floor in District 5 is imported goods, as we know China Commodity Market is mainly for export. However, in the recent years, Yiwu government decided to develop not only export but also import. As a result, lot products imported from outside by China Wholesale Agent to Yiwu Commodity city. Clearly, the goal is to drive domestic consumption as well as export. Although this is bold idea, the Yiwu government and China Commodity Market group are looking at big picture, meanwhile, export business makes lot people wealthy. So, chinese people want better life by having great products, not only domestic but also imported. Most importantly, it will be big contribution to the economy.

In conclusion, products on 1st floor are imported items, moreover, they become more and more popular to the local people.

China Commodity Market
one street, 1 Floor District 5, Yiwu China commodity Market
China Commodity Market
one shop, 1 Floor District 5, Yiwu China commodity Market

Travel To Yiwu

Above all, Yiwu is located in the center of Zhejiang Province, moreover, Yiwu has good transportation to Shanghai, Hangzhou and the other cities. No doube, with advanced transportation system, you can travel to Yiwu from lot cities in China.

Besides, Yiwu’s airport has opened several domestic lines, for instance, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is frequently used by visitors. From there visitors can easily go to Yiwu by train or bus. Moreover, with its advanced Railway system, the city has become new hub with its developing commodity economy.

In 2006, a new railway station was put into use here, greatly improving the transportation efficiency with the opening of more lines. By linking some other mid-sized cities of China, Yiwu has built a developed highway system. Furthermore, there are three bus stations in the city, operating a number of long-distance buses to other provinces. Clearly, It is no wonder that the best way to travel to Yiwu is by bus.

China Commodity Market
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Yiwu by flight
China Wholesale Agent
Shanghai to Yiwu
Yiwu Commodity
Hangzhou International Airport to Yiwu by bus

To clarify, below is the guide info about China Commodity Market, by Goldenshiny, the top China Wholesale Agent.

Mostly importantly, we hope that the info help you when you come to Yiwu Commodity city in the future.

District 1 | A-E section:

1F: artificial flower, flower accessories, plush toy, plastic toys, ordinary toys, air inflated toy, electric toy, common toy.
2F: hair ornament, jewelry.
3F: festival arts, decorative arts, porcelain, ceramic crystal, tourist arts, travel crafts, photo frame, jewelry accessory.
4F: hall of Taiwan merchants, direct sale center of manufacturer, factory outlets.

District 2 | F section:

1F: Fujian Mall (umbrella), poncho, rain wear & pack, umbrellas, poly bags, suitcase & bags (schoolbags).
2F: locks, electric products, hardware tools & fittings.
3F: kitchenware & sanitary ware, home appliance (shaver).
4F: Hongkong Hall, Korean Commodity Hall, hard ware & electric appliance.
5F: foreign trade organization agency, roof parking lots.

District 2 | G section:

1F: suitcases & bags.
2F: hardware tools & fittings, vehicle class, vehicle.
3F: clock & watches, telecommunication equipment, electronic equipment, batteries light & lamp & flashlight.
4F: electronic, products luggage area, clock & watches.
5F: foreign trade organization agency, featured products.

District 3 | H section:

-1F: the year picture calendar couplet, wall calendar & couplet.
1F: pens & ink, paper articles, glasses.
2F: office supplies, recreation sporting articles, sport equipment.
3F: cosmetic, beauty products, mirrors & comb, beauty products, apparel accessories, accessories.
4F: cosmetics, stationery & sporting, factory outlets sports, outlets-apparel accessories, factory beauty products.
5F: the imported commodities mall, off parking lots.

District 4:

1F: sock, leggings, atrium, indoor parking lot.
2F: hat & cap, gloves, earmuffs, daily necessities, other knitting products.
3F: towel, wool yarn, shoes, lace, necktie, tie, lines, caddice, sewing thread & tape.
4F: scarf, belt, bra & underwear.
5F: shoes, garment, tourism and shopping center.

District 5:

1F: African products, heathy products, heath care products, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats, other imported goods, jewelry, textile.
2F: bedding, Chinese knot, DIY handicraft.
3F: knitted fabric, knitted cloth, curtain cloth, curtain fabric, fabric & textile raw materials, needle woven fabric.
4F: car necessities, auto parts & accessories, auto supplies.
5F: online services, virtual shops.

In short, above are all products in 5 districts of Yiwu market. Meanwhile, Yiwu is still building other markets to attract more customers in the furture. Meanwhile, we will update on our blog soon.

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