How Covid-19 Affects Export Business In Yiwu International Trade City

China Yiwu international trade city is rated as a middle-risk area on 6 Jan 2022. Its export business suffers under Covid-19 restriction.


Risk Levels In Chinese Cities

According to China’s strict Zero-Covid policy, all Chinese cities are rated by below 3 levels:

High-risk: More than 50 new cases per day.

Middle-risk: Less than 50 new cases per day.

Low-risk: Zero new cases per day.



Since 6 Jan 2022, Jinhua city (China Yiwu international trade city belongs to Jinhua city) rated as middle risk. So to everyone who enters Yiwu city, his/her electronic travel trajectory in the cellphone will change to a middle-risk level. When people travel from one city to another in China under the COVID-19 situation. Electronic Travel trajectory in a cellphone is the key document that people need to bring around all the time.

Take travel from Yiwu city to Ningbo city as an example. When I need to travel to Ningbo city, Ningbo police will check my travel trajectory first at the city border of Ningbo city. My mobile telecommunications provider records all locations where I’ve been. So I could enter Ningbo city only my travel trajectory shows that I have not been in middle-risk or high-risk areas.


In this situation, When they try to travel back to their home cities from Yiwu. Their home city government will require them to do nucleic acid testing first. Which will take at least 24 hours to get results. People are only allowed to enter their cities after the test results (negative) come out after 24 hours. If anyone’s result shows positive, the government will put him or her in the pointed hospital without one-second doubt.


How middle-risk or high-risk level affect people?

This measurement causes many people to cancel or delay their personal or business travels. Imagine when you wait on the highway entrance to their own city for at least 24 hours, do you still want to travel? Many people just cancel their travels if not necessary without a doubt.


The same situation extended to the export business. As we all know that China Yiwu international trade city is a small commodity export hub in China. The Yiwu market exported products all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of containers come from the port of Ningbo or the port of Shanghai to load products in Yiwu and ship to hundred countries every day. Now as Yiwu city is rated as a middle-risk city, many container drivers already decided not to come to Yiwu for loading.

What happened if you go to middle-risk or high-risk areas?

Once they come, they will still be able to load cargo in Yiwu. But the port of Ningbo or the port of Shanghai will refuse them to go inside the port or they need to do nucleic acid testing in advance. Simply put, those container drivers need to get negative results before they arrive at the port.


Therefore, many container drivers come and leave the same day to save time and cost, waiting for the nucleic acid testing report for at least 24 hours is not the situation they want. Therefore, canceling trips to Yiwu will be the first choice in their minds.


We’ve been also notified by our shipping agent that we need to wait for further news. In the meantime, our products are just sitting in our warehouse and waiting for the area risk level lifted and changed back to a low-risk level. Once Yiwu city is back to the status of low-risk, then the container drivers will come back to Yiwu to load products for shipping.


China Yiwu international trade city

China Yiwu international trade city is the ultimate destination for buyers to come to Yiwu city. Now for those who don’t know about China Yiwu international trade city, here we specifically made a full introduction about Yiwu Wholesale Market. The highlighted in the map below is the famous China Yiwu market. Actually, the United Nations consider it’s the biggest wholesale market in the world.

To clarify, there is a total of 5 districts in the China Yiwu international trade city. Each district each floor is for a certain product. Moreover, China Yiwu international trade city is a well-organized market for worldwide buyers come to do business easily.

China Yiwu Market - Yiwu Market District 1

China Yiwu international trade city, the largest wholesale market in the world. Also known as Yiwu wholesale market or Yiwu market. As I mentioned above, there are over 80,000 suppliers in China Yiwu international trade city, which makes Yiwu market the biggest commodity market in the world.

Coronavirus Update in Yiwu market - Yiwu Market District 1

On the other hand, China Yiwu international trade city covers an area of 4 million square meters, exhibits 400,000 kinds of products. These products come from around 40 industries and include 2,000 different categories of goods.

Coronavirus Update in China Yiwu Market District 3

Yiwu City

In the early 1980s, China Yiwu city was an impoverished rural county. Who mostly bartered sugar for chicken feathers during the Qing dynasty. When the China Yiwu Wholesale Market was opened in November 1982, it merely consisted of a few hundred sheds and stalls. But proved highly popular and grew quickly.

In 1983, the county government spent 580,000 yuan (US$293,567) to build a new market consisting of booths. By the end of that year, there were more than 1,000 vendors selling over 3,000 products. Most of them are from outside China Yiwu international trade city.

China Yiwu City
Yiwu city, 1991

In October 1984, the China Yiwu international trade city continued its rapid growth and expanded multiple times. The number of market booths exceeded 10,000 in 1991. Moreover, the World Bank called it the world’s largest small commodities market in 2015.

By 2013, it attracted more than 20,000 customers daily from all over the world and sold US$11 billion of goods annually. Till 2019, there are more than 80,000 booths for worldwide buyers to choose from in the China Yiwu international trade city.

Yiwu City
Yiwu city, 2020

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