Keqiao China Textile City | 10 Textile Markets | Full Introduction

What Is This Article About?

This article will give you full introduction about Keqiao China textile city, also known as Keqiao fabric market. There are 10 main fabric markets make up Keqiao China textile city, I will lay out one by one for you to know details on each floor in each market. Guided by Goldenshiny Trading, the professional Yiwu agent service in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China.

The 10 markets below are:

1 – North 5 Market

2 – North 6 Market

3 – North 7 Market

4 – Tianhui Textile Market

5 – Beilian Curtain Market

6 – Union Market

7 – East Market

8 – Old Market

9 – Dongsheng Road Market

10 – Keqiao Grey Fabric Market

Keqiao China Textile City


Keqiao is one district of Shaoxing city in Zhejiang province in China. It named Shaoxing country, as the fabric industry becomes more and more important to this town, the central government put Keqiao as a district and give Keqiao more administrative power to develop more in export business.

Keqiao China textile city is one of the largest textile wholesale market in China. Lot worldwide fabric buyers come to this market to purchase fabric every day. There are tens of hundreds of different fabrics for different markets, such as the African market, European market, American market, Asia market and the Middle East market. Therefore, Keqiao China textile city has been attracting all-level customers over 30 years. The price and quality are the main reasons why those customers keep coming back to buy more.

1/10. The North 1-5 Textile Market


1F | North 1 Market

As a professional Yiwu agent service, we know market every corner. Let’s start with the North 5 textile market, the most important part of Keqiao China textile city. There are a total of 5 sections and 3 floors. The first section on the first floor in north 5 markets is the fabric of cotton, peach fabric, canvas fabric, yarn-dyed fabric, jeans fabric, and some pocket lining fabric, etc. Clearly, the fabrics here have a wide variety of textile products, all these fabrics divided into streets and floors. If you are new here, you probably will find that you will get lost.

However, if you come here a couple of times, it is still very easy for you to find each fabric you need street by street, section by section and floor by floor. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being lost here. Besides, when you walk in order, then you will find the proper suppliers easily, and it is also fun searching here for some buyers. In conclusion, the market is for professional buyers. So, even you come here the first time, but it will not take you long to know this market completely.

1F | North 2 Market


Textile products in second section first floor are mesh fabrics, lace, embroidery fabrics, rayon cotton fabrics, poplin fabrics, embroidery fabrics, knitted jacquard, chiffon fabrics, printed knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, satin fabrics, fur fabrics, etc.


Those shops are all suppliers, includes manufacturers, traders. You could consider those shops as sample rooms for suppliers, they all gather in one place like this is for textile wholesale buyers to find suppliers and make orders easily. Without market and shops, textile wholesale buyers have to go check different suppliers in different places, it’s not easy and convenient for buyers to do that in a big country like China. So, this is also the reason that Keqiao China textile city attracts tens of hundreds of textile buyers from all over the world.


1F | North 3 Market


Textile in third section first floor in North 5 market are suede fabrics, canvas fabrics, jeans fabrics, cotton fabrics, etc.


So how to deal with those suppliers? How to make orders with suppliers? Well, if you are a textile wholesale buyer, you better come to this market with your own sample. Then you have to search the street by street and shop by shop. After you find the right supplier, they will show you the same material or same design upon yours, next is we will help you with language and price negotiation. And also let suppliers make samples first to check whether they can produce the same design or not. Once confirmation is done with suppliers, as professional Yiwu agent service. We will start tracking orders, do quality control, consolidate cargo from supplier and ship to your country.


1F | North 4 Market


Textile in fourth section first floor in North 5 market are corduroy fabrics, plush velvet fabrics, suede fabrics, linen fabrics, flocking fabrics and shirt fabrics, etc.


Now what our role if textile buyers make us as their agent? As a professional Yiwu agent service, our one-stop sourcing service is not only in the Yiwu market but also in Keqiao China textile city. Our one-stop sourcing service includes airport pickup, market guide, order tracking, quality control, warehouse facility, container loading, customs declaration and shipping.

As a professional Yiwu agent service, in our Keqiao fabric market guide service. We will take customers to the Keqiao fabric market to find the right suppliers, we provide language translation, price negotiation, coordinate with suppliers for customers. This is to make customers find proper suppliers as soon as possible when they stay in Keqiao China textile city.


1F | North 5 Market


Textile in fifth section first floor in North 5 market are shirt fabrics, cotton fabrics, etc.


This section is not as many categories in sections 1, 2, 3. But this is also one section that belongs to the North 5 market. So as you can see clearly in those shops and sections. If you visit the Yiwu market, you probably will realize that Keqiao China textile city is not as new as the Yiwu market. However, it is a very well-organized market and with a long history in the textile industry.


The only difference between the Keqiao fabric market and the Yiwu market: In the Yiwu market, you could visit all districts inside the building, you do not have to go out of the building. In Keqiao China textile city, you will have to go out one building to another. For example, if you want to go to Keqiao north 6 market, you have to go out north 5 market first to reach the north 6 market. However, those buildings are in the same area and even side by side, so it’s not a big deal to wholesale buyers who fly all the way down to Keqiao for business.

2F & 3F | North 1-5 Market



The textile products on second and third floor are curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics, sheer fabrics, voile fabrics, hotel fabrics, curtain accessories, etc.


As you can see those shops in the video, second and third floors are mainly for curtain fabrics and curtain accessories. One thing is I can’t put all shops in my video because of the time, but at least you could get an idea for what fabrics you could basically find on the second and third floors. When you are in here like how I’m walking here, then you will know this place completely and find the right fabric suppliers you want.


2/10. the North 6 Textile Market


Keqiao North 6 Fabric Market was founded early in 1980. It is one part of the Keqiao China textile city. Moreover, it conveniently located nearby Keqiao Tianhui Market and also part of Keqiao North 5 Market. The address is No.77, Wandshang Road, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China. Above all, it covers a construction area of over 100,000 square meters. There are a total of 3 floors for various fabrics.

1F | North 6 Market



Textile products on the 1st floor in Keqiao North 6 textile market are for TC fabrics, cotton fabrics, oxford fabrics, galatea fabrics, shirting fabrics, jacquard fabrics, plush fabrics, coral fleece fabrics, printed fabric, plain color fabrics and blanket, etc.


2F | North 6 Market


Textile products on second floor are curtain fabrics, sheer fabrics, curtain, sheer fabrics.


Compared to Beilian curtain market, which I will explain in the next. The big difference between those 2 markets is that curtain suppliers in the north 6 textile market are medium-small size suppliers, which means they are more flexible to negotiate and minimum order quantity.

After all, Beilian curtain market are mostly big curtain fabrics suppliers, according to our experiences, sometimes medium-small size suppliers are better and more flexible to deal with. If you visit and inquiry curtain suppliers in both North 6 markets and the Beilian curtain market, it’s not hard to find that suppliers in the North 6 market are more flexible accepting small orders and cheap sample charges.


3F | North 6 Market


Textile products on third floor are not big differences with second floor, there are also curtain fabrics, sheer fabrics, curtain, sheer fabrics.


The third floor gives you more options to discover and choose suppliers. If you couldn’t find on the second floor, don’t be rush to leave. There is also the third floor left for you to keep searching for appropriate suppliers. To summarize, according to our sourcing experiences, you never know the result until you have enough time searching in a market like this.


3/10. the North 7 Textile Market


Keqiao North 7 Fabric Market founded early in 1980. Keqiao North 7 Fabric Market one part of Keqiao Fabric Market. It’s located on Huxi Road and Wanshang Road in Keqiao district, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China.

1F | North 7 Market


Textile products on the first floor are for Embroidery fabrics, apron fabrics, velvet fabrics, sequins fabrics, lace fabrics, mesh fabrics, net fabrics, bronzing fabrics, chemical foiled fabrics, TC fabrics and cotton fabrics.



2F | North 7 Market


Textile products on the second floor are curtain fabrics, sheer fabrics. As you can see, not lot various categories. Nearly 80% of suppliers here are embroidery fabrics with different materials and designs and colors.


In fact, suppliers here are working very hard to deal with customers for business. Furthermore, they even pack fabrics by themselves for customers in customers’ favors. This is a good place for new customers to order in a small quantity to start. The price for those stylish fabrics is expensive. For example, curtain fabrics usually below 1 dollar per meter here. If you are looking for stock curtain fabric, then you don’t want to miss this north 7 market.


3F | North 7 Market


Textile products on the third floor are for sofa fabrics, curtain fabrics, sheer fabrics.

When it happens to those sofa fabrics and curtain fabrics, remember that the CBM is not small. So, before you want to calculate shipping charge for your goods, make sure that you get accurate CBM from suppliers. In short, the CBM for fabrics cannot be 100% accurate, because those fabrics can be easily squeezed. So, it is not like standard carton box that CBM is always correct. For instance, one of our customers order one container with 10 different fabrics, but get wrong 2 fabrics in CBM.


In the end, the real final CBM is 3 CBM less, so, there is nothing can do when start loading fabrics into container. This is to say, you can’t purchase new goods to fill this empty 3 CBM when container is being loaded. So, confirming accurate CBM with suppliers is very important when you calculate space for container.


4/10. Tianhui Textile Market


Keqiao Tianhui Fabric Market is located on No.128, Wanshang Road in Keqiao district, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China.

1F Outside | Tianhui Market


The fabrics on first floor outside are Bead lace, chemical embroidery fabrics, sequin fabrics, glitter embroidery fabrics, French laces, swiss laces, cord laces, silk fabrics, tulle fabrics, etc.

1F Inside | Tianhui Market


The fabrics on the first floor inside are curtain fabrics. Such as blackout curtain, jacquard curtain, glass curtain, curtain blind, printed curtain, velvet curtain, embroidery curtain. Also, there are spandex, knitted fabric, apparel fabric, sequin fabric, African lace, cotton lace, chemical lace.


In fact, it’s hard to say those shops are for stock or order. However, customized orders are more welcome here. According to our experiences, suppliers in here don’t want to spend investment on stocking. 1st reason is the quantity of customized order usually is bigger than stock order quantity. 2nd reason is order is more profitable than stock to suppliers here.


However, the stock is still available in some shops. Customers always can take a couple of hundred meters if they want. You can pack them right away and take them right away, or let the supplier send it to your warehouse. In general, the stock usually comes in 3 types of quality: canceled orders (mostly in good quality), production (good quality) and a little bit flawed in quality. The price also varies depending on a different quality.

2F | Tianhui Market


The fabrics on second floor are different kinds of curtain fabrics, window screen fabrics.


Compared to Beilian curtain market, which I will explain in the next market. Curtain suppliers on the second floor in the Tianhui market are more medium-small size curtain suppliers. According to our sourcing experiences, sometimes small suppliers are way better than big curtain suppliers on minimum order quantity, price, production time, etc. For example. When we take customers to both markets, after discussing with suppliers in the Tianhui market and the Beilian curtain market. Obviously the curtain suppliers on the second floor in the Tianhui market are better for trial orders.


3F | Tianhui Market


The fabrics on the third floor are not big differences with fabric types on the second floor, there are also curtain fabrics, window screen fabrics, etc. Third floor provide customers more options when they can’t find proper curtain suppliers on second floor. If curtain suppliers on the second floor are not enough for you, then you still can keep searching on the third floor for more curtain suppliers. In this way, with enough time. Customers usually are able to find the right suppliers at the right price for curtain fabrics in the Tianhui market.


5/10. Beilian Curtain Market


The Keqiao Beilian Curtain Market is one complex market building of Keqiao China textile city. It’s located on No.96, Huxi Rd in Keqiao district. Keqiao Beilian Curtain market officially opened in 2012. The main fabrics in the Beilian curtain market are curtain, but there are also other fabrics on the first floor. So, there are not only curtain fabrics here.

1F | Beilian Curtain Market


The fabrics products on the first floor are tooling cloth, canvas, oxford cloth, embroidery fabrics, chiffon, satin fabrics, jersey fabrics, undershirt cloth, corduroy fabrics.


Beilian curtain market is very well-organized, the market layout can make you find fabrics faster. As you can see in the video, you could see different fabrics on different streets clearly. Like canvas fabrics is on one street, jersey fabrics are on anther street, etc. Therefore, you will not miss any shop by searching the street by street.  


2F | Beilian Curtain Market


Fabrics products on the second floor are Curtain fabrics, sofa fabrics. Also, there are curtain accessories like curtain rod, curtain clips, curtain tieback, tassel buckles, etc. If you are curtain buyers, you could almost find curtain related products on the second floor. For instance. If you order curtain fabrics, you might also want to order curtain accessories to make curtain set, I don’t know whether all curtain buyers would do that or not, but at least our customers always purchase like that way. Because you certainly can sell curtain accessories when you sell curtain fabrics, this is simple to understand.


According to our sourcing experience as Yiwu agent service. One thing is, when you negotiate price here, remember that do not give in easily and quickly. In wholesale, even one cent will make big differences on total cost. Therefore, we usually help customers negotiate with suppliers and try to get the bottom price for customers after few round negotiations with suppliers.


3F | Beilian Curtain Market


The 3rd floor is basically the same as the 2nd floor. The main fabrics are still curtain fabrics. The 3rd floor gives customers more choices to find appropriate curtain suppliers. As customers’ Yiwu agent service, we always suggest customers visit more suppliers to get more information and a better price. In other words, maybe you already found one good curtain supplier on the 2nd floor.


However, you might find a better one on the 3rd floor if you keep searching. Reason is you never know when the best surprise strikes you when you visit and compare more suppliers. So, do it likewise if you have time, you will find that the time you spend is essential.


6/10. Union Textile Market


The Union Textile Market is on Keqiao Textile City Avenue in Keqiao district. Union market covers an area of 160,000 square meters, with hundred fabric suppliers on 3 floors.

1F | Union Market


The fabrics on the first floor are apparel fabric, toy fabric, jean fabric, woolen fabric, jacquard fabric, cutting motif fabric, printed cotton, suit fabric, knitted fabrics, casual fashion, T/R fabrics, home textile, blackout fabrics, curtain fabrics.


As professional fabric sourcing agent in Keqiao China textile city. After we help customers make deal with those fabric suppliers, we will keep coordinating with suppliers after customers leave China. This is called order tracking, then we will do quality control to make sure the fabrics apply to customers’ requirements before we load container and ship out of China.

As reliable Yiwu agent service, we do all these procedures are to make sure that we will handle all hassles for customers. Therefore, we simplify everything for customers to import fabrics from Keqiao China textile city as a professional fabric agent.


2F | Union Market


The fabrics on the second floor are apparel fabric, jean fabric, woolen fabric, jacquard fabric, cutting motif fabric, printed cotton, suit fabric, knitted fabric, casual fashion, T/R fabric.


As you can see those suppliers put their samples in their shops for fabric wholesale business. How to choose the best one of them? The simple way is to bring your own sample. With your own sample, it is clear that you can compare those suppliers’ samples to yours. When you walk one street by one street like this, then it will not take you too much time to find a proper fabric supplier. Because when you see the same or similar samples in shops, you just let them give you a price based on basic information like material, quantity, etc. That’s why we always suggest customers take their own samples if possible.


3F | Union Market


The fabrics on third floor are home textile, blackout fabrics, curtain fabrics.

Now in the first half video, I’ve taken you to the North 5 market, North 6 market, North 7 market, Tianhui market and Beilian curtain market, there are curtain suppliers on the second and third floors in those 5 markets also. Compared to those markets, curtain suppliers on the third floor in the Union market are also an important component to curtain fabrics. If the main fabrics are blackout fabrics, curtain fabrics, then we strongly suggest you go to this floor in the Union market as well, because there are a lot of good curtain suppliers located on this floor for buyers to check. The main thing you want to do is compare the price and quality sample, which makes it easier to decide to choose the best curtain suppliers for you.


7/10. East Textile Market

Keqiao East Textile Market is located on No.12, Jinkeqiao Avenue in Keqiao District. It covers construction area of 49,000 square meters.

1F | East Market


Fabrics on the first floor are lining fabrics, taffeta fabrics, pocketing fabrics, rib fabrics, grey fabrics, polyester grid fabrics, printed fabrics, uniform fabrics, fashion fabrics, knitted printing fabrics, chiffon fabrics, satin fabrics, TC fabrics, PU fabrics, coated fabrics, rayon fabric, brocade fabrics.


What are the procedures when buyers come here to make a deal? Well, clearly, you have to know what fabrics you are looking for first, you better have your own sample as I mentioned. Then you can find supplier much easier, because one fabric product includes composition, weight, yarn count, density, pattern, etc. Those factors are very important for suppliers to quote you a price.


2F | East Market


Fabrics on second floor are TR fabrics, suit fabrics, pants fabrics, pocketing fabrics.


Keqiao East Textile Market is a little old compared to other new fabric markets complex in Keqiao. However, the old market sometimes is better for buyers. Try to think about this, a market opened in 1991 is still functional after 25 years. I think it already explains everything, right? If there is no business, it would’ve gone a long time.


What if you do not have your own sample? Well, it’s also not a big problem if you well know your own fabrics. When you see fabric samples in those shops knowing what you are looking for, then it is no a big issue to you to find the right supplier in Keqiao China textile city.

3F | East Market


Fabrics on the second floor are knitted fabrics, towel fabrics, flocking velvet fabrics, stretch velvet fabrics, single jersey fabrics, swimsuit fabrics, swimwear fabrics, looped fabrics, polar fleece fabrics, etc.


During the market trip, maybe you will be confused for many same fabric suppliers. For instance, how to decide which one is best for you among many fabric suppliers? In short. The straight way to do is discuss with them more and more if you have time in the market. Although they are selling the same material, it doesn’t mean they have price. It is normal that two same fabric suppliers selling 100% the same material but different prices. Professional wholesale buyers usually can tell easily which one is better for them.


8/10. Old Textile Market


Keqiao Old Textile Market founded in October, 1988, it’s located on No.1, Youdian Road in Keqiao District. There are mainly 3 floors in Old market.

1F | Old Market


Textile on the first floor are fashion fabrics, microfiber fabrics, woolen fabrics, TR, polyester fabrics and women clothing fabrics. In order to make buyers easily find what they want, suppliers show-ready samples in the shops. So, buyers can find proper suppliers and products quickly.


Again, do not forget to bring your own sample. If you bring your own sample, you could compare it in your hands between your sample with the suppliers’ sample. So, not only you can get a price quickly but also you can compare one supplier price with another. Therefore, we strongly suggest customers bring a sample if possible. As a result, the supplier will quote you an accurate price according to your samples.


2F | Old Market


Textile on the second floor are grid cloth fabrics, printed fabrics, Korean velvet fabrics, jacquard fabrics, dress fabrics, shirt fabrics, blended fabrics and men’s clothing fabrics. Clearly, after you know the layout here, searching will be easy for you. For example, when you find one velvet supplier on this street, then you also can find a lot of other competitors on the same or next street.


Therefore, this is perfect for buyers. Customers can easily compare prices and quality on the same street on the same floor in the same market. This is also the reason why Keqiao China textile city has been attracting so many worldwide buyers to come to import fabrics.


3F | Old Market


Textiles on the second floor are all home textile fabrics. Such as bedsheet fabrics, fitted sheet fabrics, quilt cover fabrics, towel fabrics, pillowcases fabrics, etc. Meanwhile, some people say that Nantong city in Jiangsu province is the place for home textile products. That’s true, however, you should also remember that there are also shops and suppliers from other home textile city includes Nantong city, who also set up shops in Keqiao Old Textile Market.


Clearly, lot fabric buyers know Keqiao China textile city and they will come to Keqiao first for importing fabric in China, buyers can make order in Keqiao fabric market but production maybe be finished in another city. No matter where production happened, we will do quality control and get the cargo in our own warehouse before shipping.


9/10. Dongsheng Road Textile Market


Dongsheng road textile market is located on No.1, Youdian Road in Keqiao District. It covers an area of 230,000 square meters. There are mainly 3 floors in Dongsheng Road Market, with more than 1600 shops.

1F | Dongsheng Road Market


Textile on first floor is basically knitted fabric. There is also woolen fabric, polyester fabric, T/R fabric, printed fabric, home textile fabric, apparel fabric. You can see lot different knitted fabric in the video, from low quality to medium quality to high level quality.


One quick tip, only checking by pictures will take you a longer time to finish your suppliers and fabrics. Because the price of fabric is based on composition, material, size, gram square meters, quantity, etc. So the best way to understand is to show suppliers your physical samples, then you will get an accurate price right away.


2F | Dongsheng Road Market


Textile on second floor are cotton fabric, spandex fabric, elastic fabric, blended fabric, toy fabrics. Fabrics one this floor are not big differences with first floor. We refer to this floor as boutique fabric floor, which means fabric here is higher class material. For example, there are blended fabric, printed fabric, suit fabrics. Some apparel material here are higher quality.


Therefore, you can find those on the second floor. Moreover, you even can see some ready garment clothes as samples shown in the shops. In short, if you want any knitted fabric, the Keqiao Dongsheng Road market would be your first choice to find suppliers before you start searching in other fabric markets building in Keqiao China textile city.


3F | Dongsheng Road Market


Textile on third floor are variety type of denim fabric. In short, every different quality material for denim you can find on third floor, depends on which country market. Meanwhile, I would say that you could find almost all denim category on this floor in Dongsheng road market.


However, If you are not sure which type you need, there are also different ready jeans samples for your references, in fact, it’s not hard to tell one from one.


10/10. Keqiao Grey Fabric Market


Now the last market is Keqiao gray fabric Market, also known as Keqiao stock fabric market, the address is No.1099, Huaqi Rd in Keqiao District. The buyers in this market mainly come from Dubai, Pakistan. And lot stock is sold to those buyers at very cheap price every day. So market is mainly for stock, therefore, lot customers come here not for orders.

1F | Keqiao Grey Fabric Market


The textile on first floor are Stretch satin fabrics, Chiffon fabrics, Cotton fabrics, Polyester fabrics, Spandex fabrics, Jacquard fabrics, Linen fabrics, Compound fabrics, etc.


As customers’ fabric sourcing agent, our job is to help coordinate with those suppliers. Besides, lot suppliers in these shops can’t efficiently make deal with customers due to language problem and others. For instance, customers want lower price while suppliers probably will not compromise or there might be miscommunication between buyers and suppliers.


So, with our professional bargaining skill, we are able to get some shops compromised as it is all about communication. One simple example, we are able to convince suppliers to give bottom price for customers’ trial order, or get few cents discount for customers’ large quantity pieces. All these will save a lot cost for customers in the end. As professional Yiwu agent service, we always eliminate obstacles and do everything in customers’ best interests.

2F | Keqiao Grey Fabric Market


Textile on second floor are Embroidery fabric, Chemical fabric, Net fabric, African lace fabric, Cotton lace fabric, Printed cotton fabric, Wedding dress fabric, Beads embroidery fabric, Voile lace fabric, Swiss lace fabric, French lace fabric, Embroidery knit fabric, Canvas, Jersey fabric, TR fabric. Fabric buyers come here to order large quantity actually, a lot of them do cash payment term.


For example, we took our Pakistan customer to this market for embroidery fabric, one container can be finished in one day. Not only because our customer is professional at this fabric, but also some stock here is quite hot selling at very good price, maybe it will be sold next day. So, when customers find the fabrics stock he wants, deal has always been made quickly in Keqiao stock market.


3F | Keqiao Grey Fabric Market


Textile on third floor are Velvet fabric, Satin fabric, Cotton fabric, Polyester fabric, CVC fabric, TR fabric, Mesh net tulle, Embroidery fabric, Lace fabric, etc.


After we help customers confirm all orders with all suppliers. Next, we will do quality control, we will check whether everything is done by customers’ requirements or not. Under normal circumstances, we will do 20% randomly testing on textile products before collect cargo.  If fabrics are good, we will consolidate in our warehouse for shipping next. If not, we will contact suppliers to replace with good quality and send to our warehouse.


Yiwu Agent Service

One-Stop Sourcing Service

1. Airport Pickup

Our car team service will make sure customers come to see us right away. Although this is not a very big issue for customers with a convenient transportation system in China nowadays. We still believe excellent service needs to be maintained in a professional way.

2. Yiwu Market Guide

As a professional Yiwu agent service in Yiwu city, we choose the proper suppliers for customers either in the China Yiwu Market or direct manufacturer, which depends on the products customers want to purchase. Basically, you could find almost all types of products in the Yiwu Wholesale Market.

More importantly, as a professional Yiwu agent service, we know every corner in Yiwu Market. Moreover, customers might want to deal with direct factories instead of the Yiwu market. This is also no problem for us as we have over a hundred suppliers’ teams to choose from. To sum up, guiding customers to manufacturers is just as same as we do in the Yiwu market, China.

3. Order Tracking

After customers leave Yiwu Market with all confirmed orders, we will step in to track all order status. This is to make sure the lead time, delivery time, quality, quantity, product specification is all approved. Then keep customers posted on every situation for every order they placed in the Yiwu market, China.

4. Quality Control

As a professional Yiwu export agent, our quality control includes 3 phases.

Firstly. Confirmation sample. This step is just to confirm that the products customers ordered are perfect in quality, quantity, package before production starts.

Secondly. Production sample. Suppliers will start production based on the confirmation sample. However, we still need to check what real production product looks like, this is a necessary procedure to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding between customers and suppliers.

Lastly. Vessel sample. After production is done, we will do 20% randomly testing on all products which are ready to ship. It is our quality-control for customers as a professional Yiwu agent service.

5. Warehouse Facility

The good thing to have our own warehouse in Yiwu city is to have everything under control. Moreover, there is usually more than one supplier to manage. For example, the goods in one container are from over 10 different suppliers.

So, as a customer’s Yiwu agent service, not only we need to do the above procedures, but also we need to collect all products in our warehouse on time after quality control before shipping. In short, making all products ready in the warehouse will be very helpful for us to proceed with shipping.

6. Container Loading

As top Yiwu agent service in China Yiwu city. Firstly, we start with the large and heavy items, and load them on the floor against the front wall of the container. Secondly, continue loading heavier items on the floor and towards the front of the container, placing lighter items on top. Lastly, pack the items tightly so nothing moves. Work the way along in tiers loading from bottom to top. Moreover, look at the spaces in the tier and put an item to fill that space if possible. In short, packing and loading the container well is the key to getting our shipment in good shape the other end.

7. Customs Declaration

After container loading and before shipping, one important procedure we need to do is customs declaration. A professional Yiwu agent service, we need to prepare documents such as packing list, invoice, contract, declaration form, etc. Also other documents if necessary according to destination country. Such as fumigation report (wood related products), Certificate of Origin (mostly Southeast Asian countriesArgentina according to us) , Embassy Certificate (mostly Egypt and Argentina according to us), etc.

We will professonaly prepare all these necessary doucements for China customs, so we are able to get our shipment got passed by China customs and sail to destination port as soon as possible.

8. Shipping

After customs declaration is done and passed by China customs, the cargo will be shipped right away. Furthermore, as a professional Yiwu agent service, we will continue to coordinate with customers on clearing customs if there is something we can assist with. All these processes just to make sure customers will get products on time.

Above all, you could click below links to learn how we ship cargo for customers from different countries: Canada, Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Mauritius. You would also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more cases of our one-stop sourcing service. As one of the top Yiwu agent services, we believe we could make your import products from China easier.