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This article guides you to explore Keqiao Old Textile Market, one complex market belongs to Shaoxing Textile Market, by Goldenshiny Trading, the professional Shaoxing Textile Market Agent in Keqiao Shaoxing China. Moreover, you could Click to check more fabric markets in Keqiao China in our Blog if you are interested.

Keqiao Old Textile Market

About Shaoxing Textile Market

Shaoxing Textile Market was first built in the 1980s in Shaoxing, China, later it expanded several times in the years following. Furthermore, Shaoxing Textile Market is one of the most vibrant, bustling textile manufacturing and trading hubs in the world. The Shaoxing Textile Market covers a construction area of more than 3.65 million square meters, with more than 1,200 permanent overseas representative agencies, nearly 6,000 overseas permanent purchasers. Above all, more than 29,000 companies managing over 40,000 kinds of products. With 100,000 customer visits to the markets every day. Most importantly, the sales network of Shaoxing Textile Market has covered 187 countries and regions. As a result, it has become the world’s largest textile distribution center for textile products, accounting for one-fourth of global transactions in textile materials and fabrics.

Keqiao Old Textile Market

About Keqiao Old Textile Market

Keqiao Old Textile Market founded in October, 1988, also known as Dong road textile market. Moreover, Keqiao Old Textile Market is one part of Shaoxing Textile Market. Above all, it is the first in door light textile market in China. Keqiao district government upgraded and rebuilt in July 2007 and officially opened to business in December, 2008. Furthermore, It is nearby Dongsheng Road Market and East Market: No.1, Youdian Road, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China, therefore, it makes it also close to other markets of Shaoxing Textile Market. Keqiao Old Textile Market market covers construction area of 65,000 square meters, and there are mainly total 5 floors in Keqiao Old Textile Market.


What Fabrics in Keqiao Old Textile Market

1 Floor Fabric Guide

1st floor is fashion fabrics, microfiber fabrics, woolen fabrics, TR, polyester fabrics and women’s clothing fabrics. Most importantly, to make buyers easily for what they looking for, suppliers will show ready clothes in the shops. So, buyers can find proper quickly. For example, if you going to buy women’s pants fabric, you would find shop easily. However, do not forget to bring your own sample. Hence, you could compare in your hands between your sample with supplier’s sample, so, not only you can get price quickly but also you can compare one supplier price with another. Therefore, we strongly suggest customers bring sample if possible, as a result, supplier will know every detail after you show them sample, including composition, yarn count, etc.

Keqiao Shaoxing China

2 Floor Fabric Guide

2nd floor is grid cloth fabric, printed fabrics, Korean velvet fabrics, jacquard fabrics, dress fabrics, shirt fabrics, blended fabrics and men’s clothing fabrics. Clearly, after you know the layout here, searching will be easy to you. For example, when you find one velvet supplier on this street, then you also can find lot other competitors on the same street. Therefore, this is perfect to buyers, because they can easily compare price and quality on the same street one same floor in the same market.

Keqiao Old Textile Market - 2F - Shaoxing Textile

3-5 Floor Fabric Guide

3-5 floors are all home textile fabrics. Such as bedsheet fabrics, fitted sheet fabrics, quilt cover fabrics, towel fabrics, pillow cases fabrics, etc. Meanwhile, some people say that Nantong city in Jiangsu province is the basement for home textile products. In conclusion, that’s true, however, you should also remember that there are also shops and suppliers from other home textile city like Nantong city, who also set up shops in Keqiao Old Textile Market. Clearly, lot fabric buyers know Keqiao and they will come to Keqiao first for importing fabric in China, so you can make order here but production maybe be finished in another city.

Keqiao Old Textile Market - 3F - Shaoxing Textile

Fabric Category in Keqiao Old Textile Market Market?

1 Floor: Fashion Fabric,microfiber fabric,wollens fabric,TR,polyester fabrics,women’s clothing fabrics.

2 Floor: Grid Cloth Fabric,printed fabrics,Korean velvet fabrics,jacquard fabrics,dress fabrics,shirt fabrics,blended fabrics,men’s clothing fabrics.

3 Floor: Bedsheet fabrics.Home Textile Fabric (cotton fabric).

4 Floor: Fitted sheet fabrics.quilt cover fabrics.Home Textile Fabric (cotton fabric).

5 Floor: Towel,pillow cases fabrics.Home Textile Fabric (cotton fabric).

Above is what you want to know about Keqiao Old Textile Market. Below is the Keqiao City Travel info, guided by Goldenshiny Trading, the professional Textile Market Agent in Shaoxing Textile Market, moreover, we hope this helps you when you come to Keqiao Shaoxing China.

Keqiao City Travel Info

Keiqao Map

Administrative Region: Shaoxing
Location: Shaoxing city, Zhejiang Province ( Northern Zhejiang ).Around 95 kilometers to the west of Ningbo seaport, around 52 kilometers to the southeast of Hangzhou city, around 195 kilometers to southwest of Shanghai city.
Country Code : +86
Area Code: 0575
Postal Code: 311203
Area Size: 1177 square kilometers.
Population: about 600,000 ( till 2017 ).
Main markets:
1 → The North 5 Market.
2 → The North 6 Market.
3 → The North 7 Market.
4 → TianHui Market.
5 → Beilian Curtain market.
6 → East Market.
7 → Union Market.
8 → Old Market.
9 → Dongsheng Road market ( knitted fabric market).
10 → Grey Fabric Market.
Main Industry : Export-Led Textile Trade.
Airport: Nearby Hangzhou International Airport ( around 30 kilometers ).
Bus Station : Light Industry and Textile Industry Plaza Bus Station.
Railway Station: Shaoxing North railway station.

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