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What Is This Article About?

This article gives you deeper insights about Shipping Container From China To Canada. Handled by a professional Yiwu sourcing agent Goldenshiny Trading, the professional China Sourcing Agent in Yiwu Wholesale Market.

Moreover, With our one-stop sourcing service, we make customers’ sourcing projects easier and faster. Clearly, customers are completed satisfied with our service, therefore, we’d like to keep that way all the time. You could also click to check how we source products for customers before shipping if you are interested.

Yiwu Wholesale Market

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About Yiwu Wholesale Market

In short, Yiwu Wholesale market has one unique advantage: gather all suppliers across the whole of China together, there are over 70,000 suppliers in Yiwu international trade market. Moreover, it covers 340,000 square meters, which is around 3.6 mil sq. Ft.

Therefore, finding a proper supplier to foreign buyers is not hard for them in Yiwu wholesale market. However, the real hard part to some buyers is how to ship those products out of China in right hand, especially to those buyers who order containers with dozen suppliers’ products.

China Sourcing Agent

How to import from Yiwu Market?

Clearly, you would have question that what kind of Yiwu sourcing agent can provide about one-stop service on sourcing and exporting. Well, keep reading then you will find answer you want in our one shipping to Canada case. For instance, when the customers come to China. Firstly, how to find appropriate supplier for them in such big country like China. Secondly, whether they can get good price for their products or not. To clarify, there is no meaning coming to China if the price is higher than expected. Lastly, how to find better local agent who can ship the products to them after orders done. Above basic 3 things that most buyers care about according to our sourcing experiences.

China Sourcing Agent

You also might have questions like who is to control quality for you? how to coordinate with those suppliers and collect products? With those qeustions, one-stop service is best solution. In other words, buyers can’t handle those by themselves. Firstly, the buyers come to China usually just for business trip, they do not have export company here. Secondly, language problem. Without doubt, some suppliers can speak English. However, customers will find that they still have problem fully dealing with those suppliers because of language issue. In other words, China is not their homeland, the best way is to find professional local sourcing agent to do shipping job. To sum up, having one professional China sourcing agent will do greatly save you trouble.

China Sourcing Agent

What service we can provide to help you import from Yiwu,China

This is also our job to do as Yiwu sourcing agent. To sump up, our one-stop service solve all above problems easily, the one-stop service we provide actually are customized to those foreign buyers, for example, like airport pick-up, hotel booking, market guide, production monitoring, quality control, warehouse facility, shipment, shipping etc.

It is clearly what customers want, therefore, operating those procedures is quite easy for us, because we’ve been in this business since 2012. Rich experience makes us believe that we are the right Yiwu sourcing agent you are looking for.

Yiwu Wholesale Market

Shipping Container From China To Canada

Check the video at the beginning of this article, this is our one of one-stop service cases. As a top Yiwu sourcing agent, Shipping Container From China To Canada is the normal route to us.

In this shipment, we ship a variety fabrics like embroidery fabric, stretch velvet fabric, chiffon velvet, satin fabric, men’s dress shirt with tie, raschel blanket, bath mat, printed cotton, white cotton, embroidery tulle, core lace., etc.

Shipping Container From China To Canada

Details for one-stop service on Shipping Container From China To Canada:

Sourcing Time: 21st
Shipping Mark: DJ
Loading Date: 7-SEP-2018
Discharge port: Prince Rupert
Destination port: Toronto
Vessel: PIL
LCL / FCL: 40HQ container
Cartons: 338 carton boxes
Gross Weight: 10475 KGS

Shipping Container From China To Canada

Above are our one-stop service as you can see in the video. Moreover, we have more videos on our Youtube Channel. For example, like sourcing cases show how we take buyers to market for orders as Yiwu sourcing agent. Moreover, there are market guides from district 1 to district 5. So happy discovering on our YouTube channel.

Shipping Container From China To Canada

Lastly, below is the info about the whole Yiwu Wholesale Market in the view of a professional China Sourcing Agent. Most importantly, we hope the information helps you when you need a one-stop service.

Yiwu Market

District 1 | A-E section:

1F: artificial flower, flower accessories, plush toy, plastic toys, ordinary toys, air inflated toy, electric toy, common toy.
2F: hair ornament, jewelry.
3F: festival arts, decorative arts, porcelain, ceramic crystal, tourist arts, travel crafts, photo frame, jewelry accessory.
4F: hall of Taiwan merchants(flower/ornaments/craft), direct sale center of manufacturer, factory outlets(toy/flower/ornaments/accessories)

District 2 | F section:

1F: Fujian Mall (umbrella), poncho, rain wear & pack, umbrellas, poly bags, suitcase & bags (schoolbags).
2F: locks, electric products, hardware tools & fittings.
3F: kitchenware & sanitary ware, home appliance (shaver).
4F: Anhui Hall, Hongkong Hall, Sichuan Hall, Korean Commodity Hall, Yueqing low-voltage apparatus, hard ware & electric appliance.
5F: foreign trade organization agency, roof parking lots.

District 2 | G section:

1F: suitcases & bags (schoolbags).
2F: hardware tools & fittings, vehicle class, vehicle.
3F: clock & watches, telecommunication equipment, electronic instrument photographic equipment, batteries light & lamp & flashlight.
4F: electronic, products luggage area, clock & watches.
5F: commodity foreign trades, foreign trade organization agency, featured products, export agencies, roof parking lots.

District 3 | H section:

-1F: the year picture calendar couplet, wall calendar & couplet.
1F: pens & ink, paper articles, glasses.
2F: office supplies & stationery, recreation sporting articles, sport equipment.
3F: cosmetic, beauty products, mirrors & comb, zippers & buttons & clothing accessories, beauty products, apparel accessories, accessories.
4F: cosmetics, stationery & sporting articles, zipper & buttons & clothing accessories, factory outlets-cultural & sports, factory outlets-apparel accessories, factory outlets-cosmetics/beauty products.
5F: the imported commodities mall, off parking lots.

District 4:

1F: sock, leggings, atrium, indoor parking lot.
2F: hat & cap, gloves, daily consumable, earmuffs, daily necessities, other knitting products.
3F: towel, wool yarn, shoes, lace, necktie, tie, lines, caddice, sewing thread & tape.
4F: scarf, belt, bra & underwear.
5F: shoes, daily necessities, garment, tourism and shopping center, frame/accessories.

District 5:

1F: ICM-garments/daily consumable, African products exhibition & trade center, other imported products, ICM-Ornaments/crafts, ICM-Foods/heathy products, heath care products, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats, other imported goods, jewelry, textile & others, food liquor, clothing & household articles.
2F: bedding, Chinese knot, DIY handicraft.
3F: knitted fabric, knitted cloth, curtain cloth, curtain fabric, fabric & textile raw materials, needle woven fabric.
4F: car necessities, car & motorcycle accessories, commodity distribution, auto parts & accessories, auto supplies.
5F: online services, virtual shops.

Keqiao Fabric Market

1 → The North 5 Market.
2 → The North 6 Market.
3 → The North 7 Market.
4 → TianHui Market.
5 → Beilian Curtain market.
6 → East Market.
7 → Union Market.
8 → Old Market.
9 → Dongsheng Road market ( knitted fabric market).
10 → Grey Fabric Market.

In short, above are all products in 5 districts of Yiwu wholesale market. Meanwhile, Yiwu is still building other markets to attract more customers in the furture. However, we will update on our blog soon.

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