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Need a professional China agent to ship shisha hookah for you in Yiwu city, China? Goldenshiny Trading, the professional Yiwu wholesale market agent can make it easier. We help you purchase shisha hookah and shisha related accessories in the Yiwu market. Moreover, we also collect shisha products, run quality control, and ship to your country. This article will bring you more details.


Shisha Hookah Consolidation

Our shisha hookah products and shisha hookah accessories in this shipment: gold hookah, silver hookah, Kaloud Lotus, Kalaud Alpha, mouthpiece, hose/pipe, AMY hookah, wooden shisha hookah, mouthpiece wood and lanyard, rubber protector, holder hose, Alfakher hose, aluminum foil, Adalya ladykiller, Adalya Hawaii, aluminum hookah, shisha hookah bowl, aluminum foil with holes, etc. You also could click the YouTube video embedded in this article to know more.



We will collect all the above shisha and do quality control before shipping those shisha hookah products, the video in this article explains clearly how we collect cargo, open cartons to run quality control, please watch if you are interested in our professional cargo consolidation and Q&C procedure.


A lot of foreign buyers come to Yiwu to buy shisha hookah and shisha accessories in the Yiwu market. Because there are over 75000 suppliers in the Yiwu wholesale market, includes tens of hundreds of products. So, it is easy for buyers to find shisha hookah suppliers, compare the best prices, pick the newest designs of shisha hookah products, etc.



In our one-stop sourcing service, we have a market guide service, which is taking buyers to find suppliers and products in the Yiwu market. So after buyers find suppliers and make deals, the next we will coordinate with shisha hookah suppliers to deliver and collect cargo in our warehouse in Yiwu before shipping shisha hookah cargo.

Shisha Hookah Consolidation

In the end, after we’ve done all the above procedures, we will arrange containers, declared China customs, and ship to buyers’ countries. Some buyers may be worried about the shipping, however, we’ve been shipping shisha hookah to Malaysia for a long time and we know how to get things done.



On the other hand, except ocean shipping, door to door is also our common way to ship shisha, so that buyers don’t even have to do customs clearance, we will pay duty, finish clearance for buyers when cargo arrives in their countries. Of course, the door to door (DDP) cost will be a little bit high. If you want to know the cost, please email us to get an accurate shipping cost.


Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent

As a professional Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent in Yiwu city, China. Collecting cargo is just one part of our one-stop sourcing service. Our one-stop sourcing service also includes airport pickup, market guide, order tracking, quality control, warehouse facility, container loading, customs declaration, and shipping. We will give out more details about our one-stop sourcing service.


One Stop Sourcing Service

Firstly, Airport Pickup

As a professional China Agent. Our car team service will make sure customers come to see us right away. Although this is not a very big issue for customers with a convenient transportation system in China nowadays, we still believe excellent service needs to be maintained in a professional way.

Yiwu Cargo Collect - Yiwu Warehouse Service - Agent in Yiwu China - - Yiwu Sourcing Agent

Secondly, Yiwu Market Guide

As one of the best Yiwu Wholesale Market Agents in Yiwu city, we choose the proper suppliers for customers either in the China Yiwu Market or direct manufacturer, which depends on the products customers want to purchase. Basically, you could find almost all types of products in the Yiwu Wholesale Market. More importantly, as a professional China Agent, we know every corner of Yiwu Wholesale Market.

Yiwu Cargo Collect - Yiwu Warehouse Service - Agent in Yiwu China - - Yiwu Sourcing Agent

Moreover, customers might want to deal with direct factories instead of the Yiwu market. This is also no problem for us as we have over a hundred suppliers’ teams to choose from. To sum up, guiding customers to manufacturers is just as same as we do in the Yiwu market, China.

Thirdly, Order Tracking

After customers leave Yiwu Market with all confirmed orders, we will step in to track all order status. This is to make sure the lead time, delivery time, quality, quantity, product specification is all approved. As one of top China Buying Agents in Yiwu, China, we will also keep customers posted on every situation for every order they placed in the Yiwu market, China.

Yiwu Cargo Collect - Yiwu Warehouse Service - Agent in Yiwu China - - warehouse facility

Fourthly, Quality Control

As professional Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent, our quality control includes 3 phases.

quality control

Firstly. Confirmation sample. This step is just to confirm that the products customers ordered are perfect in quality, quantity, package before production starts.

Secondly. Production sample. Suppliers will start production based on the confirmation sample, but still, we need to check what real production product looks like, this is a necessary procedure to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding between customer and supplier.

Lastly. Vessel sample. After production is done, we will do 20% randomly testing on all products which are ready to ship. It is our quality-control for customers as a China Agent.

Fifthly, Warehouse Facility

The good thing to have our own warehouse in Yiwu city is to have everything under control. Moreover, there is usually more than one supplier to manage. For example, the goods in one container are from over 10 different suppliers.

Yiwu wholesale market

So, as the customer’s Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent, not only we need to do above procedures, but also we need to collect all products in our warehouse on time after quality control before shipping. In short, making all products ready in the warehouse will be very helpful for us to proceed with shipping.

Sixthly, Container Loading

As a top China Agent, firstly, we start with the large and heavy items and load them on the floor against the front wall of the container. Secondly, continue loading heavier items on the floor and towards the front of the container, placing lighter items on top. Lastly, pack the items tightly so nothing moves. Work the way along in tiers loading from bottom to top.

container loading - Yiwu Shipping Container

Moreover, look at the spaces in the tier and put an item to fill that space if possible. In short, packing and loading the container well is the key to getting our shipment in good shape the other end.

Lastly, Container Shipping

In general, Yiwu container shipping is about document work. With that being said, as a top Yiwu Wholesale Market Agent, we will confirm with customers for packing list and invoice or other required paper-like CO (Certificate of Origin), Embassy Certificate, fumigation certificate, etc. The next is to book a container after the above paperwork is confirmed. As a result, the container will be shipped just fine based on above all procedures done perfectly.

China Shipping Company - Yiwu Shipping Container

Furthermore, as a professional China Agent, we will continue to coordinate with customers on clearing customs when there is something we can assist. All these processes just to make sure customers will get products on time at the destination seaport.

Yiwu City

In the early 1980s, China Yiwu city was an impoverished rural county historically known for its small traders, who mostly bartered sugar for chicken feathers during the Qing dynasty. When the Yiwu market was opened in November 1982, it merely consisted of a few hundred sheds and stalls, but proved highly popular and grew quickly. In 1983, the county government spent 580,000 yuan (US$293,567) to build a new market consisting of booths. By the end of that year, there were more than 1,000 vendors selling over 3,000 products, most of them from outside Yiwu China.

China Yiwu City
Yiwu city, 1991

In October 1984, the Yiwu Market continued its rapid growth and was rebuilt and expanded multiple times. The number of market booths exceeded 10,000 in 1991. Moreover, the World Bank called it the world’s largest small commodities market in 2015. By 2013, it attracted more than 20,000 customers daily from all over the world and sold US$11 billion of goods annually. Till 2019, there are more than 80,000 booths for worldwide buyers to choose in Yiwu market, Yiwu city, China.

Yiwu City
Yiwu city, 2020

Yiwu Market

China Yiwu market is the ultimate destination for buyers to come to Yiwu city. Now for those who don’t know about Yiwu market, here we specifically made full introduction about Yiwu market. The highlighted in map below is the famous China Yiwu market, actually it’s the biggest wholesale market in the world, this is recognized by the United Nations.

To clarify, there are total 5 districts in Yiwu market. Each district each floor is for certain product, truth be told, Yiwu market is well organized market for worldwide buyers come to do business easily.

China Yiwu Market

Yiwu market, the largest wholesale market in the world. China Yiwu market, also known as Yiwu wholesale market or Yiwu market. As mentioned above, there are over 80,000 suppliers in China Yiwu market, which makes Yiwu market the biggest commodity market in the world.

Coronavirus Update in Yiwu market

On the other hand, China Yiwu market covers an area of 4 million square meters, exhibits 400,000 kinds of products. These products come from around 40 industries and include 2,000 different categories of goods.

Coronavirus Update in China Yiwu Market District 3

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