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What Is This Article About?

This article will make you understand how we provide skillful market guide. And also source wholesale textile products for Mauritian customer in Keqiao Fabric Market. Guided by Goldenshiny Trading, the reliable China Sourcing Agent. The video embedded in this article will provide more perspectives for how we become the top Yiwu Buying Agent that serves buyers from 5 continents in the world.

In this sourcing case, as professional Yiwu buying agent, we will take Mauritian customers to 4 market complexes in Keqiao Textile Market for fabric orders. First is Keqiao Grey Fabric Market. Second is Keqiao Home Textile Market. Third is Keqiao North Textile Maket. Fourth is Keqiao East Market (Keqiao Knitted Fabric Market). After you read this post and watch the video, we believe that you will totally learn who we are and what we do.

Keqiao Fabric Market

Sourcing in Keqiao Fabric Market

There are around 11 market complexes in Keqiao Fabric Market, mostly are built concentrated in one area. In fact, it is convenient for buyers to just walk from one complex to another. If you think providing market guide is just translation work, then you make a big mistake here. As professional China Sourcing Agent, there are more we need to do than translation. To be more specific, below 4-step market guide service will give you some insights. Moreover, it is just a start in our one stop sourcing service. By the way, you could also click the links how we source fabrics for other customers in Keqiao Fabric Market. And also how we do shipment and shipping after customers finish purchasing and leave China.

Firstly, guide customers in Keqiao Textile Market

There are over 40,000 kinds of textile products spread in 11 market complexes in Keqiao Fabric Market. Each market complexes includes 3-5 floors. So, only knowing every corner in Keqiao textile market will save the time and energy for customers to reach right suppliers.

Yiwu Buying Agent

Secondly, help customers negotiate the price

As customers’ Yiwu buying agent to help coordinate with suppliers. Besides, lot suppliers in these shops can’t efficiently make deal with customers due to language problem and others. For instance, customers want lower price while suppliers probably will not compromise or there might be miscommunication between buyers and suppliers. So, with our professional bargaining skill, we are able to get some shops compromised as it is all about communication. One simple example, we are able to convince suppliers to give bottom price for customers’ trial order, or get few cents discount for customers’ large quantity pieces. All these will save a lot cost for customers. Therefore, as top China sourcing agent in Keqiao Fabric Market, we always keep in mind that eliminate obstacles and do everything in customers’ interests.

Sourcing Agent China

Thirdly, coordinate with bulk suppliers

In the video, as you can see our customers visit lot shops in the Keqiao Fabric Market. Which means there is not only one supplier for us to simply coordinate. As the professional Yiwu buying agent, we need to coordinate with all suppliers on production monitoring ( keep customers posted on production status ). Quality Control ( coordinate with suppliers for products inspection to confirm goods in good quality). Delivery time ( coordinate with suppliers to send goods at certain time in our warehouse facility ), etc.

Keqiao Fabric Market

Lastly, shipment and shipping

After above, shipment and shipping will be in the process. All the textile will be packed as customer required and sent to our warehouse facility, awaiting for vessel booking, customs declaration, container loading, etc. Next is to monitor the shipping status and issue customers Bill of Lading and other requested documents. This is to say, make sure customers will receive ordered textile products on time. Above all, you can check one of our shipping case video on our YouTube Channel if you are interested.

Yiwu Buying Agent

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About Keqiao Fabric Market


Keqiao Fabric Market was first built in the 1980s in Shaoxing, China, later it expanded several times in the years following. Furthermore, Keqiao Fabric Market is one of the most vibrant, bustling textile manufacturing and trading hubs in the world. People always refer to Keqiao Fabric Market as China textile market.

Above all, the Keqiao Fabric Market covers a construction area of more than 3.65 million square meters. With more than 1,200 permanent overseas representative agencies, nearly 6,000 overseas permanent purchasers. Moreover, more than 29,000 companies managing over 40,000 kinds of products and over 100,000 customer visits to the markets every day. Most importantly, the sales network of Keqiao Fabric Market has covered 187 countries and regions.

Sourcing Agent China


Keqiao Fabric Market has become the world’s largest textile distribution center for textile products. It is accounting for one-fourth of global transactions in textile materials and fabrics. In short, Keqiao Fabric market has one unique advantage: ability to get all textile traders, manufacturers, distributors in its market complex. In other words, Keqiao Fabric market exactly like canton fair, the only differences is Keqiao Fabric market is all year exhibition except Chinese Spring Holiday.

This is to say, with proper sourcing guide, finding a proper supplier is easy to buyer in Keqiao Fabric market. On the other hand, what and how to proceed once textile orders are confirmed. Obviously, customers can’t wait till all production done. So they need to resolve who is going to handle and ship their fabrics after they leave China. As a result, finding professional China Sourcing Agent is necessary to most customers.

Keqiao Fabric Market

Who Are We ?

Goldenshiny Trading is one of top China sourcing agents in China, we always know what services that customers really need when they come to Keqiao fabric market. Clearly, customers not only need information for supplier and products, but also a safe channel that can delivery textile to their country safely and punctually. Therefore, we are the right Yiwu sourcing agent to handle all hassles from A to Z.

To clarify, our one-stop service will do the work easily. With our service, customers actually do not need to worry about production follow-up, quality control, warehouse facility, container loading, shipping, etc. Certainly, those services are necessary to the buyers. As top Yiwu shipping agent, our goal is to make sure the fabric that customers ordered in Keqiao fabric market will arrive destination seaport as same as they want. In short, we will secure goods quality from start to end.

Yiwu Buying Agent

Keqiao Fabric Market

What Are Our Services ?

One Stop Sourcing Solution

So, what services we provide to make sure everything under control as China sourcing agent? In short, our one stop service includes: Airport pick-up, market guide, production monitoring, quality control, warehouse facility, shipping. As well as few other local Yiwu sourcing agents also have, but our shipping solution will definitely performe in high quality.

Keqiao Fabric Market

Firstly, Airport pick-up

Our car team service will make sure customer come to see us right away. Although this is not very big issue to customer with the convenient transportation system in China, we still believe excellent service need to be maintained in our way.

Secondly, Market Guide

We choose the proper suppliers for customers either in the market or direct manufacturer, which depends on each product inquiry situation. Basically, you could find almost all textile types in Keqiao fabric market. Most importantly, as professional Yiwu buying agent, we know which textile product located among over 40,000 kinds of textile products in Keqiao fabric market. Moreover, customers might want to deal with direct factories instead of market, this is also not problem for us as we have textile suppliers team to choose from. Which means, guide customers directly to manufacturers is just as same as we do in the market.

Yiwu Buying Agent

Thirdly, Production Monitoring

After customers leave China with all orders confirmed, we will step in to monitor all order status, make sure the lead time, delivery time, quality, quantity, product specification are all approved by customers, keep customers posted on every situation for the orders they placed in Keqiao fabric market.

Fourthly, Quality Control

Quality control includes 3 phases. Firstly. Confirmation sample. This step is just to confirm that the textile customers ordered is correct in quality, quantity, package before production. Secondly. Production sample. Supplier will start production based on confirmation sample, but still, we need to check what real production product look like, this is a necessary procedure to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding between customer and supplier. Thirdly. Vessel sample. After production done, we will do 20% randomly testing on textile products which are ready to ship.  

Sourcing Agent China

Fifthly, Warehouse Facility

The good thing to have our own warehouse is to control everything under our eyes. Furthermore, there might be not only one supplier. For example, the goods in one container are from over 10 different suppliers. So not only we need to do above procedures. But still, we need to collect all products in our warehouse on time after Q&C before shipping. To make all products ready in the warehouse will be very helpful and easy for us to proceed shipping.

Yiwu buying Agent

Lastly, Shipping

In general, shipping is about document work. With that being said, we will confirm with customers for packing list and invoice or other required paper like CO (Certificate of Origin), Embassy Certificate, etc. Then the next is book container after above paper are confirmed. As a result, the goods will be shipped just fine based on above all procedures done perfectly. Furthermore, we will continue to coordinate with customers on clearing customs when there is something we can assist, all these processes just to make sure customers will get products on time at destination seaport.

Travel to Keqiao Fabric Market


Keqiao Textile Market Guide

1 → The North 5 Market.
2 → The North 6 Market.
3 → The North 7 Market.
4 → TianHui Market.
5 → Beilian Curtain market.
6 → East Market.
7 → Union Market.
8 → Old Market.
9 → Dongsheng Road market ( knitted fabric market).
10 → Grey Fabric Market.

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