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What Is This Article About?

This article takes you to 4 Floor, District 5 in Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale Market, by Goldenshiny Trading, the top China Sourcing Solutions in Yiwu Auto parts Market. Furthermore, you could also check products are on 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor in blog.

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4 floor, District 5, Yiwu Auto Parts market, Yiwu Futian Wholesale Market

About Yiwu Auto Parts Market

China Sourcing Solutionsc
Street view, 4 Floor, District 5, Yiwu Auto Parts Market, Yiwu Futian Market

Yiwu Auto Parts Market, known as Yiwu Automobile Accessories Wholesale Market. Furthermore, it is on on 4 Floor, District 5. It is also one part of Yiwu market. Clearly, Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale is right place lot car parts wholesalers want to come.

Moreover, you can get lowest price and good quality. In short, there are over 1000 suppliers in here. In addition, you could see many new designs from factories in the market.

Mostly importantly, the MOQ here is very low and small orders are also welcome in Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale. For example, you can even order one carton. Meanwhile, the quality is also good. In other words, this is the right market to car wholesalers.

What products on 4th floor?

The main products on 4 Floor District 5, Yiwu Auto Parts Market are car accessories. For example, there are rear mirror, bumper, hanger, backseat hooks, tires, steering wheel, cooling, heating cup holder, dash panel, seat cover, etc. However, we can’t name every part here because there are over 30000 parts in a car.

Actually, you could find lot types of car accessories, there are many different brands for you when you sourcing here, for example, brands like brand BMW to GM.

Therefore, you can find all in Yiwu Auto Parts Market. Therefore, coming here is the best way to find products and meet suppliers. Moreover, with our professional market experience, you will be totally in good hand.

Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale Market
Guide map, 4 Floor, District 5, Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale Market, Yiwu International Trade Market

Direct Manufacturer on 4th Floor

Clearly, there are traders and factories in the market, but mostly are direct factories. Suppliers will tell you all details you need about product details.

Therefore, buyers could get full details by discussing with these suppliers on 4th floor in the market. In other words, professional always keep things simple

On the other hand, the products are shipped by shipping companies. Meanwhile, as one of top China Sourcing Solutions Company in Yiwu, China. We also ship auto parts to other countries.

No doubt, we know every corner in the market. For example, we could find right shops for hanger, backseat hooks, etc. Therefore, customer can save lot time walking around in the market.

Yiwu Auto Accessories Wholesale Market
one of auto parts shop, 4 Floor, District 5, Yiwu International Trade City

In short, below is the info about Yiwu Auto Parts Market, by Goldenshiny Trading, the best China Sourcing Solutions in Yiwu. Most importantly, we hope we can be with you when you come to Yiwu Market.

In other words, we know what customers need, and our service will make your job easier. Therefore, we believe that we are the right sourcing agent you are looking for.

District 1 | A-E section:

1F: artificial flower, flower accessories, plush toy, plastic toys, ordinary toys, air inflated toy, electric toy, common toy.
2F: hair ornament, jewelry.
3F: festival arts, decorative arts, porcelain, ceramic crystal, tourist arts, travel crafts, photo frame, jewelry accessory.
4F: hall of Taiwan merchants(flower/ornaments/craft), direct sale center of manufacturer, factory outlets(toy/flower/ornaments/accessories).

District 2 | F section:

1F: Fujian Mall (umbrella), poncho, rain wear & pack, umbrellas, poly bags, suitcase & bags (schoolbags).
2F: locks, electric products, hardware tools & fittings.
3F: kitchenware & sanitary ware, home appliance (shaver).
4F: Anhui Hall, Hongkong Hall, Sichuan Hall, Korean Commodity Hall, Yueqing low-voltage apparatus, hard ware & electric appliance.
5F: foreign trade organization agency, roof parking lots.

District 2 | G section:

1F: suitcases & bags (schoolbags).
2F: hardware tools & fittings, vehicle class, vehicle.
3F: clock & watches, telecommunication equipment, electronic instrument photographic equipment, batteries light & lamp & flashlight.
4F: electronic, products luggage area, clock & watches.
5F: commodity foreign trades, foreign trade organization agency, featured products, export agencies, roof parking lots.

District 3 | H section:

-1F: the year picture calendar couplet, wall calendar & couplet.
1F: pens & ink, paper articles, glasses.
2F: office supplies & stationery, recreation sporting articles, sport equipment.
3F: cosmetic, beauty products, mirrors & comb, zippers & buttons & clothing accessories, beauty products, apparel accessories, accessories.
4F: cosmetics, stationery & sporting articles, zipper & buttons & clothing accessories, factory outlets-cultural & sports, factory outlets-apparel accessories, factory outlets-cosmetics/beauty products.
5F: the imported commodities mall, off parking lots.

District 4:

1F: sock, leggings, atrium, indoor parking lot.
2F: hat & cap, gloves, daily consumable, earmuffs, daily necessities, other knitting products.
3F: towel, wool yarn, shoes, lace, necktie, tie, lines, caddice, sewing thread & tape.
4F: scarf, belt, bra & underwear.
5F: shoes, daily necessities, garment, tourism and shopping center, frame/accessories.

District 5:

1F: ICM-garments/daily consumable, African products exhibition & trade center, other imported products, ICM-Ornaments/crafts, ICM-Foods/heathy products, heath care products, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats, other imported goods, jewelry, textile & others, food liquor, clothing & household articles.
2F: bedding, Chinese knot, DIY handicraft.
3F: knitted fabric, knitted cloth, curtain cloth, curtain fabric, fabric & textile raw materials, needle woven fabric.
4F: car necessities, car & motorcycle accessories, commodity distribution, auto parts & accessories, auto supplies.
5F: online services, virtual shops.

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